Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Character Development

Had a down day from work as I had to wait for the prop designer to provide me with elements for my storyboard. I taken the time out as an opportunity to revisit an old friend of mine - A character I initially developed for a proposed TV series. I'm still trying to improve my painting skills - not quite there yet - not by a long shot actually but I'll keep having fun nonetheless!  I plan to re boot him but for a comic book in today's world of self publishing.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Sexy Mermaid Pin up girl.

Pretty much as the title states. I have been re discovering my interest in the female form particularly in cartoon pin up girl art. Since I first encountered the pretty, cute,  sexy and of course hot toon girls designed by Freddie Moore - Then later in Don Bluth's Laser disc arcades I was hooked on drawing them! Below is a mermaid concept and a video - documenting 3/4 of the drawing process. I later painted in more detail without screen capture.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Fairy Concept

A cute Fairy design. One of my passions is capturing the beauty of the female form in a cartoon art. However, since my shift from animator to story artist my interests in the human form became less as I started to try and improve my overall composition, layout and background art in order to strengthen my technical ability as a story artist. However after finding myself constantly busy on kids preschool tv shows I felt an urge to revisit my previous passions in order to break the monotony and experience something completely different. Below is the result. Now refreshed I am ready to get back to my boarding!

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Sketching,Drawing and Painting!

Sketching Drawing and Painting - These a few of my favourite things! I decided to create a piece of concept art based around a character I devised when I was 16 years old. He continues to remain dominant in my imaginations to this day and often when I want to practise my creative drawing and painting I return to him as a subject matter. This time I opted to document my efforts in video. Below is the final painting along with the video.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Portrait of my Wife

Being a lot more comfortable with a pencil or pen and working in line I have always admired and respected people who can paint. Knowing that I wanted to be an animator since I was 8 years old I formed a habit of always drawing in line and worrying about colour afterwards - as though it was as simple as painting on the back of a sheet of acetate cell. This habit made me extremely confident with my drawing but rather baffled and frustrated  at my inability to paint! I would destroy many sheets of expensive paper and canvas after having spent a good hour on an intricate line drawing upon them, only to slab on the paint to damage both the drawing and paper to irreversible effect! In modern times the arrival of the computer and wacom tablet has given me the chance to experiment and try to develop some painting ability - the undo button is a god send for those of us who have no understanding of mixing the right colour and applying the proper degree of water or paint thinner to the canvas. There is still however a definite degree of skill and understanding that goes into painting whether digital or on canvas and it is to my knowledge quite different from drawing or shading. I am beginning to understand that I should not look upon them as two separate processes when attempting a painting but rather as one. I have picked a favourite subject of mine in an attempt to strengthen my painting abilities - My beautiful wife. I still have a lot to understand and develop as a painter and look forward to posting more and observing the developmental process.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

The Anti Tweet! An Angry Bird who just gets sicker with twitter!

This little bird can't stand social media he doesn't give a flying retweet about trending topics and hip hashtags. Birds tweet and humans blah blah. With people all a twitter he has become sick twisted and bitter! He is the Anti Tweet! Look out for his irate chirps in the future...
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